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Interested in audio production? Check out our video tutorials for Cubase, WaveLab, Nuendo, and others available through our partner, Streamworks Audio.

Production Engineering

Are you interested in developing your project or recording studio?  Our instructors have over 20 years of experience in production engineering. Check out our tutorials by clicking on the link below.

Compliance Training

With over 40 years of direct experience in aeronautics, aerospace engineering and regulatory compliance, we've designed and developed learning platforms to ensure FAA and IS-BAO certification requirements.


Walter Hunnicutt is a fantastic instructor. His Cubase courses are the best out there inasmuch as they are succinct, focus on useful, real world applications, and are immensely helpful.


This Halion course is the same. I’ve looked at a number of them from different providers and they either deep dive into the interesting but less useful esoteric side of things, or skim over essential info. Walter strikes a really nice balance between what you need to know to get things done, and what’s nice to know so you can go exploring. 


—  napier3 (verified Halion 6 owner)

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